dimanche 20 novembre 2011

À partir du moi de mars 2012, le CAB offrira une série de 8 cours d'aquarelle pour débutant avec l'artiste Dan Earle.

Cab will be offering a series of 8 watercolor classes for beginners with Yarmouth artist Dan Earle. Classes will start in March 2012.

Have you wanted to be more creative, start painting, try something different? Many people do but have reluctance because they say "I can't draw" or "I'm not artistic" or some other old story. Or maybe you have been dabbling in watercolour painting and just want to learn the basics of doing better work. In either case, this course is designed for you.

Dan assumes you are starting at the beginning, but if you have some experience and want to revisit approaches and ideas, that will work as well.

Here is what we do. We don't start out doing "pictures" but start out looking at what happens with water, colour, brush and paper. We play. We play with washes, brush strokes, mixing colours. We play with shapes, basic perspective drawing, and composition. We play with selecting subjects and simplification. We have some homework. We talk about what we have created and how it happened. We get individual attention. By the end, we can do "pictures" - landscapes, still life, figures - based on the principles we have covered.

At the end of the eight weeks of lessons you will understand the basics, you will feel good about putting paint on paper, you will be confident that, if you keep painting, you will find you way of expressing your self with your brush.

Cost $80 for 8 lessons

Location: Cafeteria, École Secondaire de Clare, La Butte/Meteghan River

Lessons will commence Thursday March 1 from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm and will continue every Thursday until April 26 with the exception of March 15 (March Break, school is closed).

The lessons are for anyone interested in watercolour painting. From green beginners to advanced persons.

Ages teens and up.

The lessons will be conducted in English.

For more information contact Karen at 769-0269 or karenlboudreau@eastlink.ca

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